To Whom It May Concern

Folks read their letters on stage; real letters they’ve written, correspondence back and forth or letters we wish we could write

To Whom It May Concern January 2015

Posted on March 19th, 2015

Christine Schoenwald returns to the letter show with letters to and from her childhood days at camp!

Jayne Entwistle, a To Whom It May Concern Producer, reads a letter to her Uncle Al about the time he almost arrested her, twice!

Kevin Berntson improvises a letter based on the audiences answers to the following prompts, name a chain store: "Best Buy" and name an object you would find at Best Buy:  "an adapter"

Tanya McClure reads a no holds barred letter to her body.

Eric Weston returns to the letter show under the guise of reprising his toilet training his cats letter. what he really had in mind was an epic first for the letter show and quite possibly an epic last!

The musician for this episode was none other than Gyasi Ross