To Whom It May Concern

Folks read their letters on stage; real letters they’ve written, correspondence back and forth or letters we wish we could write

To Whom It May Concern January 2014

Posted on February 3rd, 2014

The January live show recorded at Rafa's Lounge in Echo Park featured Don Black's letters of love and loss from the third grade.

Grant Baciocco  read fan mail from a child.

Corbett Trubey read love letters from his cat's French lover.

Patirck Bristow improvised a wicked letter of revenge.

Elina Gorelik shared her devastating experience as a child growing up, quite literally, in the fallout from Chernobyl.

Jayne Entwistle read a letter to a legendary rock band! 

The musician for this episode was Gyasi Ross!